What is Tae Kwon-Do?




Tae Kwon-Do is an ancient form of unarmed combat with a 2000 year history. It became perfected in its present form by Grand Master Major General Choi Hong Hi 9th Dan (1918 - 2002), and has been scientifically developed and modernised since its introduction to the world on 11th April 1955.

It translates from Korean as:

Tae - meaning to jump, kick or smash with the foot,
Kwon - meaning to punch, strike or destroy with the hand and
Do is art, method or way.

It is more than just a mere use of skilled movements, it promotes a way of life instilling a concept and spirit of self imposed discipline and self confidence. With our modern society plagued by intimidation and violence, it enables the weak to possess a means of defending themselves with a fine weapon, that when strongly applied can be very dangerous.


The five tenets of Tae Kwon-Do are what we try to live our lives by, both in and out of the dojang:

Courtesy (Ye Ui)

To be polite to your instructors, seniors and fellow students.

Integrity (Yom Chi)

To be honest with yourself. You must be able to define right from wrong.

Perseverance (In Nae)

To achieve a goal, whether it is a higher grade or any technique, you must not stop trying; you must persevere.

Self Control (Guk Gi)

To lose your temper when performing techniques against an opponent can be very dangerous and shows lack of control.
To be able to live, work and train within your capability shows good self control.

Indomitable spirit (Beakjul Boolgool)

To show courage; when you and your principles are pitted against overwhelming odds.

Tae Kwon-Do for

Men: an1192

Tae Kwon-Do will improve your fitness, flexibility and most of all your confidence. It will help control and channel your aggression should the need arise. From the very first lesson you will start to develop a whole new range of skills and capabilities with the opportunity to realise self achievement. an651

Women: an988

In these modern times of increasing violent attacks on women, it has become necessary for women to learn to protect themselves. Martial arts are an excellent way to gain the confidence needed and learn some very useful tools to deal with any such attacks. It is also a great way to keep fit and trim. Tae Kwon-Do is a superb form of self defence that is safe, pratical and most of all fun. an1083

Children : an374                                                                                         an737

Children who acquire self confidence at an early age are far more likely to succeed in their adult ambitions. Tae Kwon-Do is arguably the best method of instilling confidence into children and at the same time emphasises the importance of respect and discipline. As a result of its fast, fun and exciting nature, Tae Kwon-Do is practiced by thousands of children throughout the UK and millions world wide. So why don't you help them, help themselves!!



In Tae Kwon-Do you'll learn to stretch and exercise nearly every muscle group in your body. That aspect alone distinguishes the sport from most others. But emphasis on improved concentration, stamina and self control is what really sets Tae Kwon-Do apart from other disciplines. To develop these skills, you'll exercise your mind at least as much as your body. Naturally, the positive effects of that exercise will carry over into other areas of your life too.


Students at all B.L.T.S.A. schools are separated into two or three groups, Beginners/ intermediates and advanced. Beginners learn stretching exercises, the principles of Tae Kwon-Do and the basic kicks, punches and blocks. Intermediate students pratice combinations of movements that require greater concentration. Advanced students continue to refine their techniques, emphasising control, power and accuracy.

an643SAFETY FIRSTan619

Tae Kwon-Do, like any other sport, can be practised in complete safety if simple precautions are followed. At all B.L.T.S.A. schools we stress safety from the day you begin - through careful stretching, controlled techniques, and a positive attitude.


In addition to training, the schools are a friendly social setting. People of all ages from all walks of life are attracted to Tae Kwon-Do with a common purpose, to learn an Oriental art form, to exercise and to have fun! Come by, meet these people and learn first hand how Tae Kwon-Do can be a great sport for you to enjoy.



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